Emeritus Benefits Checklist

Use this checklist when processing a WOS Emeritus appointment.

_____Process transaction in PPS (or coordinate with your processor)
Three separate PPS transactions are processed when an employee transitions into a WOS Emeritus appointment.

SEPS bundle to update employment records
This transaction may be processed at any time, according to Payroll and/or Personnel guidelines. When obtaining signature on the Separation IDOC, inform the employee that there will be two subsequent IDOCs to be signed that address the changes to Emeritus status and in benefits eligibility.

When discussing the IDOC with your employee, please clarify that coverage will be terminating. For coverage termination timeline, please see Example.

EMER bundle to establish the Emeritus appointment
This transaction must be processed at least one day after processing the SEPS transaction. This will allow PPS to record the employee's separation date in history as processing the SEPS and EMER transaction on the same day would cause EMER to override SEPS and misrepresent the history.

When processing this transaction, do not change the BELI code. See below for when the BELI code should be updated.

EPER screen to update BELI code
This transaction must be processed during the month in which benefit coverage ends. This action will cause PPS to retain the current coverage end dates for the medical, dental, vision and legal plans.

_____Verify insurance plan enrollment data
Review the IINS screen to ensure accurate recording of coverage end dates for medical, dental and vision plans. Note if employee enrolled in other insurance plans in preparation for next two steps.

_____Terminate employee's coverages not automatically ended by PPS
If enrolled in Legal, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Supplemental Disability, Supplemental Life and Dependent Life, contact Benefits Office to request de-enrollment.

_____Advise the employee of the right to continue coverage under COBRA
Although the retiring employee may be eligible to continue medical and dental under the Retiree Insurance Programs, the employee will still receive a COBRA packet from CONEXIS as they cannot verify the individual's eligibility.

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