Career Tracks Implementation - Supervisor Toolkit

The Career Tracks effort is moving into the implementation phase, when supervisors will be asked to have conversations with their impacted employees. HR Compensation has provided the following resources to help prepare supervisors for those conversations.   

We suggest reading through the Supervisor Guide for Conversations first and then planning to attend one of the upcoming training sessions to get your other questions answered. 

Supervisor Guide for Conversations

This six-page guide should answer many of your questions about how to communicate Career Tracks changes to your impacted employee(s). The guide is broken into three sections: before, during and after the conversation.

Read the Guide (.pdf)

Implementation Presentation

This presentation can help facilitate a conversation between you and your employee(s) about Career Tracks and their new assignment within it. The deck offers a high-level overview of Career Tracks and how changes will impact employees. Uploaded 11/9

View the Presentation (.pdf)

Training & Information Sessions

In-person and webinar training and information sessions are available for to help prepare supervisors for conversations with their staff, as well as for staff to get their individual questions answered.

View the sessions for the Davis campus and UC Davis Health

Reconsideration Process

Employees are assigned a Career Tracks title that best reflects the duties and responsibilities outlined in their current position description. Management should apply this decision matrix against any requests for reconsideration.

Reconsideration Process and FAQs (.pdf)

Reconsideration Requests

HR Compensation will accept completed reconsideration requests through February 18, 2018.

Davis Campus Reconsideration Request Form

UC Davis Health Reconsideration Request Form

Supplemental content

Key Dates - At a Glance

UC Davis Campus
Supervisors begin receiving employee letters
Nov. 6
Supervisors distribute letters
By Nov. 17
Reconsideration Requests Due
Feb. 15
Information sessions
Thru Nov. 16
UC Davis Health
Supervisors receive employee letters
by Tuesday, Nov. 14
Supervisors distribute letters
By Nov. 17
Reconsideration Requests Due
Feb. 15
Information sessions
Thru Nov. 29

Career Tracks

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