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The following is an example of a monthly  timesheet. The name of the TES employee, the hourly rate, the title code, the department information, and the date timesheets are due are filled out in advance. TES will usually send the timesheet via interoffice mail on the day the employee is assigned to the department. Timesheets are also mailed out each month. The timesheets are mailed to the person that placed the original work request -- TES will provide the employee with this information also. If the timesheet has not arrived at the department within a couple of days, the employee or the department supervisor should contact TES.

Each assignment requires a separate timesheet with the department’s recharge number printed on it. Hours worked should be recorded on the timesheet and totaled when the assignment is completed. The numbers at the top of the blocks correspond with the dates worked that month. Hours worked on the 2nd of the month, for example, would be marked in the corresponding box.


Keeping track of sick leave and overtime is also very important. We suggest that you take a minute to fill in your time at the end of the day or immediately after you return from a sick day. Any sick leave hours to be paid are to be indicated on the timesheet for that day under “sick leave” (see example below).


Overtime worked should be placed in the corresponding row under the day of the month worked. The overtime rate will apply for any time worked in excess of 40 hours.



This is an important part of the instructions, since it is one step closer to receiving your paycheck. Be sure to check the schedule in your handbook that lists when timesheets are due and also check the date indicated on the timesheet. On this day, all timesheets need to be in our office so that we can begin to process them. Please remember that it is your responsibility to get your timesheet in by the due date. As much as we would like to, we just don’t have the facilities to call and remind each and every one of our floaters. In the example below, the timesheet is due in our office by the 25th of the month. However, there are still some scheduled workdays after the 25th. Since he/she knows that this assignment will last the rest of the month, the floater will place eight hours in the block for the day timesheets are due–the 25th–and then fill out the blocks for the next week as well (see example below).












Your timesheet must be signed by the department supervisor and include the correct billing information (department personnel should check to make sure the billing information is correct.) The timesheet must be turned in promptly to the TES office after completion of the assignment and/or before the payroll submission deadline date noted on the timesheet. Always make a copy of your timesheet for your records. If you have any problems regarding these projected hours worked, such as unanticipated sick leave or overtime, please turn in a “revised” timesheet. Your TES Coordinator can advise you on this procedure if the need arises.

You can either bring your completed and signed timesheet to our office or you can fax it to the fax number on the timesheet. We do ask that if you fax your timesheet that you call our main number to confirm that your timesheet has been received.

If you have any questions regarding the instructions given above, please give us a call. It is the floater’s responsibility to ensure that TES receives timesheets by the noted payroll deadline date.


REMEMBER: Any adjustments to your timesheet must be reported with a “REVISED” timesheet with department signature for changes. Please turn this in as soon as possible. Please do not wait until the following month’s timesheets are due, or include totals on the next month’s timesheet.


TES floaters are encouraged to note the due date on their calendar and verify with their department supervisor that the timesheet is turned in on time. Timesheets submitted after the noted due date are late and will not be paid until the next available check write date, approximately two weeks after the normal payday.


NOTE: TES employees are encouraged to note the due date on their calendar and verify with their assignment supervisor that the time sheet is turned in on time. Time sheets submitted after the noted deadline date, will not be issued a pay check until approximately two weeks after the normal payday.


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