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Performance Appraisal Forms

Organized webpage (as opposed to an alphabetical collection) of documents related to Performance Appraisals.

Performance Appraisal Tools for Staff Employees of the Davis Campus
Performance Appraisal and Summary of Accomplishment forms for various categories of employee along with instructions and supporting documents.
Staff Development Performance Management Courses
List of Courses offered by Staff Development & Professional Services on the subject of Performance Management (as of May 2010)
UC Davis Core Competencies and their Behavioral Indicators
Summary document on the core competencies used in the pilot Employee Performance Appraisal Form.
Performance Management Cycle
Performance Appraisal Tools for Represented Employees
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Online EPAR Process
User Guide
EPAR User Guide
Calibrating Appraisals
Sample Ratings
Writing Samples
EPAR Training Videos
Call For Performance Appraisals

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