Goal Setting Tips and Guidelines


  • Goals are specific.  Remember, “Hazy goals get hazy results.”


  • Effective goals are broken down into measurable steps such as
    • "Each day I will identify three positive things about my work” or
    • “I will conduct two informational interviews every month.”


  • Goals are aligned with your values. 


  • Goals are realistic and reasonably attainable.


  • Goals are designed within a realistic time frame with specific deadlines.


  • Goals are flexible; they can be altered as change or new awareness occurs and as new information is received.


  • A written goal has a greater chance of being accomplished; when a goal is written down it seems real.


  • Evaluate whether you achieve your goals.  If you set goals that are measurable then you have criteria with which to evaluate them.


  • Plan for both short-term and long-term goals. 


  • Celebrate achieving your goals!


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