Copyrights at UC Davis

How can a law almost as old as our country work in today's high tech world-class research university? This course provides basic information on copyrights and the UC Policy on Copyright Ownership, and how they affect typical needs of our university community. You won't leave as a copyright lawyer, but you will have a better sense of how copyrights work here at UC Davis. Topics include:

  • What is copyright? How is it different from trademark?
  • Who owns copyrights at UC Davis?
  • How does one get a copyright?
  • When and how can one use copyright-protected material belonging to someone else?
  • If there's no money involved, does it really matter?
  • How does the Internet affect copyright?


Jan Carmikle

January 7, 2014
136 Hoagland Hall

April 9, 2014
136 Hoagland Hall


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