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Partner Opportunities Program (POP)


The University of California Davis Partner Opportunities Program (POP), under direction of the Vice Provost of Academic Personnel, is a campus program designed to assist department chairs and deans in the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty. The program helps prospective appointees, generally faculty or senior managers, who are part of a dual career couple that require partner/spouse employment in order for them to accept a position with UC Davis. This may be accomplished through the program by providing individual assistance and counseling for a POP candidate in applying for a career or contract position posted through regular recruitment or, under certain conditions, assisting in exploring an as yet unadvertised career position that may be eligible for a search waiver or a position that is expected to be filled by contract.  

Partner Opportunities Program:

  • The Partner Opportunities Program does not provide job placement or guarantee employment. In addition, POP does not independently create positions or require departments to change hiring practices or waive the right to make their own hiring decisions.
  • The POP office serves as a central resource with Human Resources and individual departments for prospective candidates. This includes discussing career goals, exploring job opportunities, arranging introductions and information interviews and advising Employment Services/Human Resources when advocating with individual departments regarding employment opportunities.
  • Assist deans and department chairs with the Waiver of Recruitment process, if applicable.

Department Responsibilities:

  • The department chair may only refer the spouse/partner of a current or prospective Academic Senate ladder faculty member, Cooperative Extension Specialist, or Senior Management Group to the Partner Opportunities Program.
  • When a prospective faculty member is being considered and inquires about employment for a partner or spouse the Department Chair submits a Department Request for POP Consideration (Appendix A)  with a copy of the individual's curriculum vitae/resume to the dean's office of the college, school or division.  Contact the POP Coordinator at (530) 752-0963 for bridge funding information.

College, School or Division Responsibilities:

  • Completes the College/School Request for POP Consideration form (Appendix B).
  • Contact the POP Coordinator when a position has been identified and there is a need to consider career or contract employment for a spouse/partner.
  • Develop the position description and submit to Central HR Compensation Services using the PeopleAdmin system for proper classification prior to commitment to POP candidate.
  • Submit formal request to POP and provide POP Coordinator with the position description number once the position has been classified.

POP Responsibilities:

  • Prepare a Request for Approval of Waiver of Recruitment memo on behalf of the hiring department. This is submitted to the Central HR Employment Consultant/Recruiter with the assigned position description number. Requests can only be made for career and contract positions.
  • Or, notifies the Employment Consultant that a POP candidate has applied for an open posting without a waiver consideration request.   
  • Contacts the hiring department to monitor interview and selection of applicant pool and the potential consideration of the POP applicant.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Review the waiver or contract request to ensure that the background of the spouse/partner meets the minimum requirements, for impact to layoff employees with preferential rehire or recall rights, and the business necessity.
  • Make a recommendation to the Employment Manager for approval. If approved, the Recruiter notifies the appropriate dean's office and the POP Coordinator and instructs the hiring department to submit a requisition for the waiver in the PeopleAdmin System. If waiver or contract not approved, the dean's office and the hiring department will be notified and the hiring department will be instructed to submit a requisition for regular recruitment through the PeopleAdmin system.


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