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UC Davis Student Parent Child Care Funding

We understand that not all students fit the typical profile: single, living on- or off-campus with roommates to share the rent. Many students have dependent children to support, and need assistance with child care expenses. The WORKLIFE and WELLNESS office, in coordination with Graduate Studies and the Financial Aid office, offers limited grants and loans to help meet those costs.

To request financial assistance for child care expenses, please review the fact sheets provided for the programs for which you are applying as listed below.  After you have reviewed your eligibility for the different programs please complete the Application for Child Care Funding Form.  This one application will serve to document your child care expenses for all of the available programs. Student Parent Child Care Funding has two components:


  1. Community Based Care: FACT SHEET  (please review)

The Community Based Care (CBC) Program provides financial need-based grant funding to eligible students. Award amounts are up to $900 each quarter per child receiving care as long as those costs are documented on the application. The CBC program is available to students that meet the following criteria:

    • Enrolled at least half-time in a UC Davis degree program at the undergraduate, graduate or professional level.
    • Have dependent children 12 years old or younger.
    • Incur documented child care related expenses at provider of their choice. 
    • Are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
    • Have demonstrated need based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Dream Act Application. For international students, need can be established by the information provided in SECTION C of the application and completing the International Student Data Form.
    • Medical and Law School students are not eligible for the CBC program.  They must contact their respective financial aid offices.
  • Link to Local Childcare Resources
  • Income Eligibility:  To be considered for any need based care, annual income must be under $48,000 for a family of two, $54,000 for a family of 3, $60.000 for four, $64,000 for a family of five, and $69,600 for a family of six. This is based on the HUD 2013 Yolo County Low Income Data.



2.  Graduate Student Child Care Grant Program (GSCCG) FACT SHEET (Please review)

(formerly only available to students who were ASE's, now available for all Graduate and Professional students*)

The Graduate Student Child Care Grant (GSCCG) Program provides a $600 per quarter payment ($900 per semester for semester programs) to all graduate and professional students with children, regardless of financial need. When used in conjunction with the CBC program, up to an additional $300 per quarter may be allocated from the CBC program for a total of up to $900 for the first child. Additional children may be eligible to receive up to $900 through the CBC program, as this program works on a per-child basis. 

* All graduate and professional students are eligible except those in self-supporting programs (Academic Student Employees under the ASE contract in these self-supporting programs are still eligible).

Application Process: 

Please note:  We have extended a "grace period" for this year and will allow funding requests for Fall and winter quarter through the Spring quarter.  Next year you MUST apply during or before the quarter for which funds are requested.  

If you would like to apply for either/both programs, please submit the Completed Application (same for both programs) & required supplemental documentation if you are applying for CBC.  Please note, for the GSCCG only sections A, B and D need be completed since there are no financial requirements.  Undergraduates:  If you provide a "My Awards" page you do not need to complete Section C unless your partner is not reflected in your FAFSA.

You may submit your Application materials three ways:

1) In person to the Hubert Heitman Staff Learning Center (just south of the Silo complex) LOCATION

2) Scan and send PDF to

3) Fax to 530.752.4744

Once you submit you application, you may be contacted if further information is required. Applications are processed on a rolling basis.  Expect processing to take up to 2 weeks.  Funds are deposited directly into your student account.  We suggest you set up direct deposit with Student Accounting to streamline your payment process:



  • CBC funds will not be available for summer terms.  The CBC program will resume in Fall(look for applications in July).
  • GSCCG will be available to graduate/professional students who are enrolled in summer courses or a TA or GSR for summer (look for applications in May).

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