UC Davis Salary Program for Policy-Covered Staff 2021-22

(updated effective dates June 3)

UC Davis is recognizing non-represented staff for their dedication and commitment to UC Davis with a general salary increase of 3% for eligible employees.

UC President, Michael Drake, has confirmed the decision to proceed with a 2021-22 general salary increase program for policy-covered staff (i.e., staff not represented by a collective bargaining unit) and academics at all locations. We are so very pleased to have this opportunity to recognize our policy-covered employees for their exceptional service to UC Davis this past year.

Effective Dates
All eligible, policy-covered staff will receive a three percent (3%) increase to their base salary, effective:

  • Bi-weekly Paid Employees: Effective June 27, with salary increase appearing on the July 21 paycheck.
  • Monthly Paid Employees: Effective July 1, with salary increase appearing on the July 30 paycheck.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Career Employees
    • Professional and Support Staff (PSS) who are non-probationary on or before April 30, 2021
    • Manager and Senior Support Staff (MSP) hired on or before January 4, 2021
  • Completed Performance Appraisal for 2020-21 with a rating of ‘Fully Achieved Expectations’ or better.
    • Non-represented employee performance appraisals are due on June 11, 2021. Salary increases for employees with late performance appraisals can be processed retroactively, but will be delayed.
    • Supervisors should review the Performance WorkCenter in UCPath to validate that appraisals are complete in the system by June 11.
    • For an appraisal to be complete in the system, employees must “acknowledge” the appraisal. Supervisors should always meet with the employee to review their performance appraisal.  Should a circumstance occur where an employee is not available to acknowledge their performance appraisal, supervisors can select to override. This should be done in consultation with the employee, and as necessary, in consultation with Employee and Labor Relations.
  • Excluded Employment Appointment Types
    • Contract, Floater, Per Diem and Limited Term Employees
    • Represented Employees who are subject to the collective bargaining process, which includes job titles that have been accreted into bargaining units or recently organized by unions, such as:
      • All Skilled Crafts positions (K3),
      • System Administrators 1-3,
      • Administrative Officers 2,
      • Customer Service Representatives 3,
      • Behavioral Health Counselors 1-4,
      • Behavior Health Psychiatric Professionals 1-4,
      • Rehab Services Specialists 4.
  • Leave of Absence
    •  Employees on LOA at the time the salary increase is paid will receive their increase upon their return to active status, and retroactive to effective date.

3% Salary Increase for Eligible Employees

Salaries will be increased three percent (3%), when they are within the assigned salary range (i.e., not over maximum)

  • Where an employee’s salary is less than 3% from the salary range maximum, the salary range increase will be applied to bring the base salary to the salary range maximum only.
  • ‘Red-circled’ (i.e., over the range) employee salaries are not eligible.
  • A one-time or bonus payout is not applicable to offset situations where an employee does not receive the full three percent (3%) increase to base salary.



  • Why are represented employees not included?
  • Staff employees who are represented by our various unions are excluded as their wages are governed by collective bargaining unit agreements.
  • Why is this year’s salary program not a merit program?
  • We want to recognize the extraordinary efforts by all of our policy-covered employees during the pandemic by providing a general increase.

  • Why is an annual performance review required to receive the general increase?
  • Non-represented staff must have a completed 2020-21 performance appraisal and receive a rating of ‘Fully Achieved Expectations’ or better to receive the salary increase.   Performance reviews are an essential component of the employee experience.  The annual performance appraisal provides for managers and supervisors to engage with their employee to review performance, set goals, have career development conversations, and receive feedback.
  • What if someone doesn’t have their 2020-21 performance completed by June 11?
  • The salary increase is subject to successful completion of the 2020-21 performance appraisal.  An employee’s salary increase cannot be applied until their performance appraisal is completed.  Where a performance appraisal is completed after June 11, the salary increase will usually be processed within two months after submission.  Managers and supervisors should advise their leaders if they anticipate not meeting the June 11 completion date.


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