Union Membership Dues

Paying membership dues through payroll deduction.

University of California employees may voluntarily pay union membership dues through payroll deduction. The university will then submit the collected deductions to the respective labor unions.

University employees may complete a union's membership application and submit it to the union or the University Payroll Office in order to start the dues deduction process. All unions accept employee’s dues payments by payroll deduction if the employee's payroll title is a title represented by that union. Only UPTE and the UC-AFT will accept membership dues payments from employees who are not in payroll titles represented by UPTE or UC-AFT.

Employees who wish to cease the voluntary payroll deduction of membership dues will find information in their applicable labor agreement (contract) available at the following web links. Prior to canceling dues deductions, employees must read and understand the applicable contract language. Not all contracts read alike, some restrict cancellation to a 30-day period immediately before the contract expiration.

Only the employee can cancel his/her union membership by sending a signed written request to cancel dues deduction to the Payroll Office. The request to cancel dues deductions shall include the employee's name, payroll title, ID number, department name. It should be sent to the Assistant Manager, Campus Payroll Office, or faxed to that office at 530-757-8597.

A reclassification, promotion, transfer, etc., will not automatically cease dues deduction. When a break in service does occur, the university will suspend the dues deduction for 61 months. When the employee begins to earn UC Davis wages, depending upon the applicable contract language, the university will deduct membership dues. In some instances, the deduction for state-mandated agency fee will begin when the dues deduction ends.

Please direct any questions to your Employee Relations Consultant.