Waiver of Recruitment

Department request process for waiving an open recruitment process.

A department may request that an open recruitment process be waived for a career position/appointment in exceptional circumstances only. It is generally the best practice to conduct an open recruitment process. This applies to both PSS and MSP positions. 

Department Responsibilities:

  • Ensure you have an accurate position description ready. The position description must accurately reflect the critical functions and qualifications (skill, knowledge, ability and experience) requirements in addition to special requirements, certifications, and/or work environment, i.e. background check, medical monitoring, pre-placement physical, etc., and physical demands for proper submission. Note: no changes can be made to the position description once it has been received by HR through the PeopleAdmin system and classified by Compensation/HR.
  • Identify the need for waiver for recruitment. Consideration should be given to individuals with recall rights within the department prior to submitting your requisition for a waiver. Please contact your Central HR Employee Relations Consultant should you have questions.
  • Contact your department's Employment Consultant/Recruiter in central HR to discuss the nature of the request. 
  • Use the PeopleAdmin system to initiate your requisition for a waiver of recruitment which includes start date, salary, and justification based on business necessity to support waiver of recruitment for a career position when: 
    • There is time or funding constraints or other demonstrated business necessity, i.e., recruitment would cause undue disruption of critical departmental services causing serious fiscal impact such as the delay or cancellation of a grant or diminished clinical research.
    • There are demonstrated recruitment difficulties, such as a requirement of technical skills and a limited number of qualified individuals in the general work force.
    • A new program is being transferred in its entirety to the university and where identified employees are already in place.
    • The candidate possesses unique skills, knowledge and abilities and there are no other viable candidates available.
  • Provide the applicant with the PeopleAdmin Quick Link to permit submission of the application form as a “direct hire” for the career position.

Compensation Services Responsibilities:

  • Reviews the position description to determine appropriate classification.
  • Contacts the department if there are questions about the classification level.
  • Moves the position description to the department’s library in the PeopleAdmin system prior to the department submitting the requisition for a career waiver.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Reviews the justification provided by the department to support the waiver in addition to the impact to layoff, recruitment difficulty, justified business necessity and proposed salary offer.
  • Reviews the qualifications of the direct hire.
  • Initiates decision (approval or denial) through the PeopleAdmin system with subsequent notification to the department.