Work & Family Month

October is Work and Family Month!

The aim of National Work and Family Month (WFM)  is to raise awareness for family-friendly policies, work-place flexibility and other work-life benefits that attract, de-stress, engage and retain a talented workforce. But, what is a twenty-first century "family" in this country?

With 2020 approaching, we can look to the U.S. Census bureau defining a family as "a group of two or more people who reside together and who are related by birth, marriage, or adoptions."  While the Bureau's definition of families is clear and easily tracked over time, it is important to recognize that most families do not fit this narrow definition.  While we will not attempt to define the increasing complexity of the label "family" we do want to embrace the idea that the Census definition is certainly not a complete definition of how we experience families here at UC Davis.

The theme of this year's Work and Family Month is "Show us your family"  where we want you to send us photos of your family.  The term "family" is essentially about those you love and care for, those you depend on, and those who depend on you.  Family responsibilities are increasingly complicated, but the bottom line is, Work and Family month aims to highlight and support those who have responsibilities to/for others, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau or not.  Show us your family so we can make a collage of ALL of our families here at UC Davis.

Work and Family Month Activities and Resources this October:

Special Presentation: E-Cigarettes and JUUL, Addicting a New Generation
  • DATE: Wednesday, October 9
  • TIME: 12:00-1:00
  • LOCATION: Student Community Center, Room D
  • SPONSOR: Child and Family Care Advisory Committee & Smoke and Tobacco Free

Join Kim Homer Vagadori, Project Director for the California Youth Advocacy Network, in this special presentation on how e-cigarettes, vapes, JUUL, and Sorens, are changing the landscape of tobacco control. Youth and young adults are more likely to use these new and emerging tobacco and nicotine products than any other age group population. Sales of JUULs have increased 800% in the past year, and research shows that these products are being used by young people who may have not considered using tobacco.

Downloadable Tip Sheets from Boston College Center for Work and Family: