Compensation Review Program

We're committed to systematically reviewing and evaluating compensation for our non-represented staff. The Compensation Review Program is another important component of the salary program for non-represented staff. 

In general, the purpose of the Compensation Review Program is to provide consideration to salary administration challenges resulting from:

  • External labor market pressures,
  • Internal salary compression,
  • A significant salary lag to comparable internal positions, or
  • Increased duties that do not warrant a reclassification.
Partnership is key

Managers and HR Business Partners work in partnership with Compensation Services to support salary equity through continuously working towards fair and consistent compensation practices for all compensation actions.

Ad hoc and annual compensation reviews are additional opportunities to assess for salary equity.

Eligibility Criteria for UC Davis Compensation Review Program:
  • Non-represented Manager and Senior Professional Staff (MSP) and Professional and Support Staff (PSS) hired before 1/1/2024
    NOT ELIGIBLE: Union-represented staff.
  • Employee must be on active pay status at time of payout to receive a compensation adjustment. Employees on Leave of Absence will receive their adjustment upon return to work.
  • Employee status is career or partial-year career (including employees on probationary status).
    NOT ELIGIBLE: Contract, limited and floater positions.
Compensation Review Program Guidelines are to be used in conjunction with University of California Policy PPSM-30: Compensation

Details about the Compensation Review Program can be found in the UC Davis Compensation Review Program Guidebook


To speak with a Compensation Analyst regarding a compensation review, please call (530) 752-5311 on the Davis Campus or (916) 734-5009 at UC Davis Health.