We all want a world that is healthier, sustainable, safer and more enjoyable.

UC Davis is helping us get there by striving to always put people first. As a top-ranked research university, and the second-largest employer in the region, it’s no wonder our employees are leading the way in teaching, research, public service and patient care.


Pam Fiorini: Flex Work Stories of Success

Pam Fiorini Co-ordinator with Employee and Labor Relations

Pam Fiorini, a coordinator with Employee and Labor Relations, works entirely from home in another state. She recently moved to Oregon "with the blessing of" her department, which currently operates 100% remotely. Pam says being able to move closer to her family has been the biggest benefit of this arrangement, but being able to spend her lengthy shifts at home also has other benefits.

Adam Stephens: Flex Work Stories of Success

Adam Stephens, an Academic HR Analyst at the UC Davis Library, has a flexible work arrangement which he negotiated shortly after the birth of his first son, over a year ago. It involves working an extended on-site shift on Tuesdays and working from home on all other workdays. 

Megan Macklin: Flex Work Stories of Success

Megan Macklin, UC Davis' Associate Director of Campus Climate and Inclusion Initiatives, lives close enough to campus to ride her bike to work, but nonetheless appreciates having the option to work from home.