WorkLife hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year focused on on your well-being and better integrating your work and life.

We are happy to provide opportunities including support groups, classes, recognitions, activities and more. Many faculty and staff look forward to our annual “Take our Children to Work Day”, a day for employees to bring their children to the workplace. We also highlight other national observances as an opportunity to provide support and resources. These activities and events are all designed to encourage your personal and professional wellness, and to optimize your work-life integration. 

Upcoming Virtual WorkLife Events:


Bright Horizons Back-Up Care & Additional Family Supports
Whether you need help with unexpected care needs, full-time child care or a star after-school sitter for the kids, a dog walker, elder care resources, academic support for your child, or someone to clean your home, your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care™ and Bright Horizons Additional Family Supports™ benefits can help.

Bright Horizons Family Solutions Virtual Benefit Fair
During this online event, watch a short presentation on how to take advantage of Bright Horizons Back-Up Care™ for your child and adult/elder loved ones, as well as learn about Bright Horizons Additional Family Supports™. You’ll also have the opportunity to chat live about your benefits. Join us to learn how your benefits can offer the support your family needs.

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