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Health & Welfare Benefits

Your health is important to us, and we offer a wide range of health benefits to help take care of you and your family. Our health and welfare benefits program provides both choice and value to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.

You're covered with us.

UC Davis offers three benefits packages—Full, Mid-Level and Core. Your eligibility for a particular benefits package depends on the type of job you have, the percentage of time you work and the length of your appointment.

Group Insurance Eligibility

The Complete Guide to UC Health Benefits offers a comprehensive overview of your health and welfare benefit options, including details about eligibility, enrollment and the plans available to you. It also explains how life changes and changes in your employment status can affect your benefits. It elaborates on eligibility rules for:

  • enrolling eligible family members in the medical, dental, vision and legal plans;
  • documentation required for eligible family members;
  • requirements for continuing medical, dental and legal plan coverage into retirement.

Imputed Income

Per federal tax laws, the UC contribution towards medical and dental coverage for your domestic partner, domestic partner's child/grandchild, overage disabled child or your natural or adopted child may be treated as income ("imputed income") if the individual is not your tax dependent. This imputed income may be subject to federal and California state income taxes, OASDI and Medicare taxes.

You will not be subject to imputed income for California state income tax if you:

  1. Register your domestic partnership with the State of California and 
  2. Submit a Life Event form to UC Path along with your Domestic Partnership Declaration

For additional information on Imputed Income, refer to UCNet

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