Discrimination and Sexual Harassment-Sexual Violence Prevention

Supporting UC's commitment to a discrimination-free work and learning environment by preventing sexual harassment and discrimination from occurring at UC Davis & UC Davis Health by educating the campus community about the issues.

Specifically, every member of the university community should be aware that the university is strongly opposed to sexual harassment. Such behavior is prohibited both by law and by university policy. It is the intention of the university to take whatever action may be needed to prevent, correct and if necessary, discipline behavior that violates this policy. The law and UC Davis policy also prohibit retaliation against an individual who has brought a complaint of sexual harassment or taken part in an investigation or hearing.

To discuss a discrimination or harassment concern, to schedule an educational presentation, or to request materials, please call 530-752-9255.

To maintain your privacy and confidentiality, we encourage you to use the anonymous call line to discuss specific concerns related to harassment and discrimination:

  • On-campus: 4-2255 (main line)
  • Off-campus: 916-734-2255

Resources and procedures for responding to instances of discrimination or harassment: