UC Davis Health Training Teams

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Many departments at UC Davis Health develop and support training for employees. See below for more information about the types of training and support each department provides:

Department & Contact Information

Services Offered

Human Resources
Learning and Development (L&D)

Phone: 916-734-2676
Fax: 916-734-8697

L&D provides training and support in the following areas:

  • Career & Professional Development
  • Administrative Computer Applications
  • Employment Practices
  • Supervision, Management and Leadership
  • Health and Safety
  • Tuition Assistance Programs

Center for Professional
Practice of Nursing (CPPN)

Phone: 916-734-9790
Fax: 916-703-9903

CPPN provides quality education to nurses and allied health professionals within the UC Davis Health as well as throughout our local community. A priority for CPPN is the education of health-care providers to prepare them to provide excellent patient care in the midst of advancing technology, increasing acuity, and an ever-changing political climate affecting nursing as a practice. 

Information Technology Education (ITE)



ITE provides training and support in the following areas:

  • EMR Deployment, Upgrades, and Enhancements
  • IT Applications
  • Communication Flyers
  • WebEx Account Administrator and Training
  • Non-clinical Apps (Finance, Purchasing, VOIP, Teletracking)
  • IT Applications Group Professional Development

Compliance Department

Phone: 916-734-8808
Fax: 916-734-0222

The UC Davis Health Compliance Department is committed to promoting a culture of compliance at UC Davis Health by providing compliance guidance and oversight as a means to support compliant and ethical behavior throughout the institution. We strive to ensure UC Davis Health complies with all applicable laws, regulations and policies, but we also serve as a resource our workforce members can use to make decisions consistent with the UC Statement of Ethical Values and the UC Davis Health Code of Conduct.

Digital Communications


The Public Affairs and Marketing Digital Communications team provides the tools and resources you need to successfully build and maintain your website. We provide training for and access to the TeamSite Web content management system as well as strategic guidance on setting up and enhancing your website or social media account(s).