UC Davis Group Mentoring Program

The application portal for mentors and mentees is now CLOSED. 
The next call for applications will be in the Spring 2025. 

Advance your professional development goals at UC Davis with the support of a mentor and co-mentees

Our UC Davis community has consistently expressed interest in mentoring as a professional development tool.

This 3-month professional development experience, running July to October 2024, pairs mentors with small groups of mentees made up of staff from across UC Davis and UC Davis Health. The 2024 program includes in-person and virtual sessions and a combination of large and small group mentoring activities. This year’s program will encourage participants to network, learn more about the organization, explore their Gallup-Clifton Strengths, and pursue professional development, be it a new role or strategies for growth and greater fulfillment in your current role.

Program Goals 

  • Experience mentorship through large and small group events
  • Advance professional development goals with the support of a mentor and co-mentees
  • Make valuable connections with leaders and colleagues across UC Davis and UC Davis Health


The time commitment is approximately 12 hours of programming over three months. Please note that the 2024 large group meeting sessions, in bold below, are in-person and required. 

May 17Last day to submit applications
May 31Applicants will be notified of their application status
July 16, 
Mentor Training (required) - Facilities Support and Services Building 2030, Sacramento
July 23, 
Opening Session + first small group mentoring meeting -The Alumni Center, Davis
September 3, 2-3pmMentor Check-in (required) 
September 4, 1-3pmGallup CliftonStrengths Workshop
October 17, 
Closing Session + last small group mentoring meeting - North Addition 1001, Sacramento
July 16 - 
October 17
Plus three additional small group mentoring meetings, dates and times to be determined by your mentor and small group participants


Expectations and Eligibility for Application

All participants agree to (1) hold mentorship conversations confidential and (2) abide by the Principles of Community to “build and maintain a culture and climate based on mutual respect and caring” within the program.


Eligibility: Non-probationary staff at UC Davis or UC Davis Health.

  • Attend the three large group events
  • Participate in five small group mentoring meetings 
  • Complete professional development activities 


Eligibility: Career staff with at least one year of experience at UC Davis or UC Davis Health. Experienced leader, manager, or professional with 5 or more years of experience.

  • Attend mentor training, three large group events, and mentor check-in
  • Schedule, prepare for, and facilitate five small group mentoring meetings (suggested curriculum provided)



Applications for the 2024 Group Mentoring Program ended on May 17. For questions, email hr-learning@ucdavis.edu.

Additional Mentoring Programs

Mentoring is important at UC Davis and UC Davis Health.