Steps to take after making a hiring decision.

Department Responsibilities:

Following the interview, selection process, and discussion with your Employment Consultant/Recruiter regarding approval, the department must:

  • Complete the hiring decision in the PeopleAdmin system following all conditional offers and approvals, if applicable, have been met.  
  • Identify status of each applicant by proper designation from the pull down menu in the PeopleAdmin system for each interviewed or not interviewed including alternate hire, if applicable. 

Comments: Enter a specific job related reason/ska for a disqualification status in the PeopleAdmin system based upon the required experience, skills, knowledge, or abilities lacking. These SKA's must be based on the selection criteria developed from the position description and job posting requirements for minimum and preferred qualifications. Contact your Employment Consultant/Recruiter prior to completing the form if you have questions.

Provide names of interview committee members in the hiring decision document in PeopleAdmin.
Note: Certain classifications require the panel be identified prior to posting on the HR Web site- check with your Employment Consultant/Recruiter.

Provide Hired Candidate Information in the PeopleAdmin system for the hire decision to include Name(s) - Enter name(s) of person(s) selected, start date, employee ID number, end date if applicable, work schedule, approved salary, DaFIS account number, etc. 

Note: The hiring decision will be used during the PAN Review process to verify the information entered into PPS. The PPS information associated with the hiring action should match the information in the hiring decision. The hire decision should be completed within two working days of the PPS transaction.

Hire Date: The start date should always be a date after completion of the hiring process and/or notification of passing a background check, pre-placement screening, or other requirements for pre-employment.

Salary: The salary should be in accordance with policy or contract. Contact your Employment Consultant/Recruiter to discuss salary prior to salary offer.

Identify Hiring Authority:  Prior to submission of hiring decision in the PeopleAdmin system, follow internal protocols. 

Note: some departments or units require a Dean's Office or Vice Chancellor Representative to review and sign off on the hiring decision prior to initiating hire decision in PeopleAdmin System. 

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Reviews hiring decision in the PeopleAdmin system for salary, hire date, etc.
  • As appropriate, initiates closeout in the PeopleAdmin system.