Applicant Screening Guidelines

The purpose of screening is to identify qualified applicants from an applicant pool using the qualifications outlined in the job posting and position description. UC Davis utilizes a consistent, transparent and standardized approach to screening to ensure fairness and alignment with University of California policy and all applicable laws.

Applicant screening is conducted by Talent Acquisition in Human Resources, as well as our Service Channels. All individuals screening applications participate in ongoing training to ensure they are consistent, reliable and in compliance with all laws and policies. 

In general, departments will have access to view applications as received. However, departments may not begin the interview and selection process until positions have been screened per the university screening guidelines. Departments will receive a full list of their screened applicants on a Standardized Screening Template.

Note that only those applicants who meet minimum qualifications as outlined in the job posting and position description are eligible for consideration.

All application materials (online application, resume, cover letter and supplemental documents) are reviewed as part of the screening process.  

Applicant Pool Screening Process

UC Davis Campus

All non-represented positions with the classifications P4, P5, S1, S2, & M1 will be screened by the Talent Acquisition Partner assigned to the department that generated the job requisition (note: all M2, M3, & M4 positions are now screened by staff on the Leadership and Diversity Services team).  The Talent Acquisition Partner will screen all applicants for both minimum and preferred qualifications and produce the screened list of applicants to the hiring department per their Service Level Agreement.

Non-represented positions with a classification of P1, P2 & P3 and represented positions will be screened by the departments corresponding Service Channels for minimum qualifications. Once completed, they will send the screened applicant pool to departments for preferred qualification screening per their Service Level Agreement.

UC Davis Health

Applicant screening at UC Davis Health is centralized through Talent Acquisition in Human Resources. The Talent Acquisition Partner assigned to your department will indicate whether they or the Service Channel will screen your applicant pool per their Service Level Agreement.

Standardized Screening Template

All applicant pools are screened using a Standardized Screening Template, which will be provided to the department upon completion of screening. You can find the template here.  If you have questions about interpreting the screening template please contact your Talent Acquisition Partner or Service Channel.

Departments are encouraged to work with HR to ensure their job descriptions contain 5-7 minimum qualifications and 2-4 preferred qualifications. Each minimum and preferred qualification should be listed in priority order the most important minimum and preferred qualification to least important. These parameters ensure the job description contains core functions, skills and experience that can be screened on resumes, and provides clear expectations for applicants about the needs of the position.