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Work samples are used as an additional tool, along with the information presented in the candidate's application and the interview process when making the final selection.

A work sample may be used to verify critical skills identified in the skills requirements for a specific position. Work samples must be approved by the Employment Consultant/Recruiter before they are administered to candidates.

Note: A work sample should not be identified at any time during the selection process as a test because test requires validation through job analysis. Therefore, a work sample is not considered a test and cannot be rated/scored numerically. The work sample should be described as an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate his/her skill level for a specific critical skills, knowledge or ability as noted in the position description.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Contacts Employment Consultant/Recruiter to discuss nature of request and/or circumstances.
  • Justification for work sample request should include:
    • Reason for request based on the position description requirements.
    • Specific skills/knowledge to be evaluated and how sample will support that evaluation.
    • Who will be given work sample (i.e. all candidates being interviewed, only finalists, etc.).
    • Instructions that will be given and identified as verbal vs. written resources that will be used.
    • Time allowed for completion.
    • Other criteria that will be used in the selection process.
  • Submits justification and copy of work sample to Employment Consultant/Recruiter for review and approval prior to final filing date. 

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Reviews request against requisitions announcement and position description.
  • Obtains additional information from department as appropriate to support request.
  • Notifies department of approval.