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Staff Experience Network

Based on the Staff Experience Survey conducted on campus in both 2020 and 2022, we realized how important it is for action to be taken locally.

We understand that the most impactful actions are those taken by the supervisor at the team level. The goal of this network is to work alongside the Campus Staff Experience Advisory Group and communicate changes at the local level, where we can make the most difference. 

The Staff Experience Network is a direct response to the survey results in 2022 and its purpose is to:

  • Ensure communication of actions being taken - both campuswide and among teams - to improve staff experience
  • Inspire/motivate all of us to take even more action
  • Support participation in biennial survey


Through the past surveys we conducted, we have learned where we need to focus our efforts to improve the staff experience at work. These areas identified will be the 4 Areas of Focus.

  1. Career Opportunities and Learning/Growth
  2. Equal Opportunities
  3. Communication Flow
  4. Taking Action

A Community of Practice

In order to acknowledge the Four Areas of Focus, the Staff Experience Network plans to meet quarterly (October, January, April, July) This meeting will go over any new information or ideas for the Areas of Focus from the Campus Staff Experience Advisory Group, presentations from selected schools/colleges/divisions on local efforts, and other topics that may arise.

Getting it Done

During the October kickoff meeting, Facilities Management presented their work creating career development programs, committees, and projects aimed to improve staff experience.

You can find details of their work below.

  • Career Development Programs
  • -- Facilities believes in creating mentoring opportunities and workshops for people to grow. 

    Future Leaders - A cohort program that provides assessments, training, shadowing and mentoring opportunities

    Continuing Leaders - Provides mentoring and one on one coaching
    Talent Bench Strength - Talent assessment initiative aimed at understanding staff career aspirations and creating development plans to achieve success in those aspirations.

  • Committees

  • -- Creation of these committees provides a way for staff to get involved, stay connected and meet others.

    Employee Engagement
    Safety Advisory
    Green Belt
    Business Intelligence
    Tririga Users
  • Projects
  • -- We need the perspective of staff to improve working here and this is one way to collect the employee perspective and invite ideas. 

    Strategic Plan


At the Next Meeting...

The Offices of the Chancellor and Provost and Information and Educational Technology will share their efforts, ideas and accomplishments. 

Anyone who is interested in joining the Staff Experience Network should contact: Daniel Barron (