In order to attract diverse applicants to apply for open positions at UC Davis, a number of steps can be taken to ensure you are making a best-faith effort to develop a diverse candidate pool.

What we do

UC Davis Talent Acquisition is committed to ensuring open positions reach a broad and diverse audience. In addition to traditional job websites such as, and others, all open positions are distributed through (AJE). AJE broadcasts our positions to local community organizations and job boards that support the employment of diverse individuals. Additionally, our Talent Acquisition Partners frequent job fairs, community events, and other outreach opportunities in order to reach diverse communities.

Our Talent Acquisition Partners are experts on sourcing and identifying niche job boards to reach diverse applicants. Please work with your TAP in order to develop an outreach strategy for supplemental job posting opportunities that is guided both by any Affirmative Action Goals that exist for your open position, as well as our commitment to generating large applicant pools for all positions.

What you can do

Inclusive Language

Prospective employees make many judgments about how inclusive an employer is based on the language that is used in job descriptions, advertisements, and announcements. Below are some recommendations about how you can make your positions feel more inclusive to diverse prospective employees:

  • Avoid gender-coded words
    • Consider the unconscious ways some words impacts who decides to apply for jobs; check out this article for supporting research
  • Avoid using unnecessary jargon or department-specific language
  • Remember that skills can be learned when writing job descriptions. Job requirements should include “must-haves” only
  • Emphasize your department’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Highlight the many inclusive benefits and opportunities available at UC Davis for diverse staff
  • Tie the position to the organization by emphasizing how the job will help accomplish the overarching goals of the department

Advertisements must continue to state that the University is an "Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer." It is also recommended for advertisements to state: “UC Davis is committed to hiring a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community."

Targeted Outreach

UC Davis Health is steadfast in its commitment to nurture local talent and uplift our neighboring communities. As a pivotal part of our Anchor Institution Mission (AIM) for Community Health, we have launched a targeted outreach program to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our Talent Acquisition team has cultivated a rich network of community contacts, organizations, and groups to help you effectively advertise your open positions to a broad spectrum of potential candidates in our region's underserved neighborhoods. This initiative is more than a recruitment strategy; it is a pledge to leverage our economic and human resources to enhance our local communities' well-being and economic vitality through local hiring.

  • Local Contacts
    • A list of community partners that actively support diverse communities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities with their job searches and have worked with UC Davis in the past. Contact these individuals to advertise your open positions. 
  • Contacts by Region 
    • Local community organizations in the area that help individuals from diverse backgrounds in their job search
  • LinkedIn Diversity Groups 
  • UCOP Online Diversity Resources
  • PRISM Recruitment and Job Search Tool
    • A searchable database, recruitment tool, and networking platform for racially diverse professionals that aims to connect employers with diverse professionals

Additionally, UC Davis is home to a variety of employee resource groups that support diverse staff and faculty. Learn more about our UC Davis Employee Resource Groups. 

If you have additional resources to include, please email Lyndon Huling:

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