WorkLife Workshops

The WorkLife Program offers presentations to assist people in minimizing work-life conflict and optimizing their work-life harmony. Look for annual topical series or schedule a WorkLife presentation specifically for your team.

Work-Life Strategies: Empower Yourself

We will examine the underlying concepts of work-life conflict, explore the myth of "work-life balance," and offer an integrated perspective and pragmatic approach to addressing the oft-competing responsibilities of work and life. We will discuss both organizational and personal tools to establish a work-life strategy.  Specifically we will look at the stress cycle, motivation, self care, boundaries, strengths, gratitude and start exploring ways to empower ourselves in negotiating our personal work-life strategy.  We are happy to discuss and customize this presentation to be sure to focus on the areas your group may find most helpful. (50 min + discussion)

What Does WorkLife Have to do With DEI?

UC Davis is a diverse community comprised of individuals having many perspectives and identities.  Specifically, WorkLife at UC Davis and UC Davis Health supports pregnant and lactating workers, flexible work, and those with caregiving responsibilities.  Dependent care duties and associated work/career implications disproportionately fall on women, particularly women of color, as well as individuals on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. In this presentation, we will look at the historical context and data regarding family status, discrimination, and women in the workplace, and learn how WorkLife addresses these issues through education, policy, and services.

Lactation Support at UCDH (for managers)

We are happy to visit your regularly scheduled manager meeting to provide a brief overview of the various supports for managers and employees surrounding lactation accommodations  (15 min + discussion)

For a personal/team focused presentation, we will gladly zoom or visit your team meeting to highlight available tools and resources and learn a some techniques to optimize your work/life effectiveness.

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