Lactation Policies & Benefits

The UC Davis Lactation Support Program is a nationally recognized university/employee lactation program.

This program is built upon the bedrock of several levels of policy: national, state, University of California, and UC Davis.

Please read our "Guidelines for Lactation Accommodation" which summarizes UC Davis and UC Davis Medical Center policies and guidelines for employees and supervisors. Managers and supervisors can access a general list of buildings with lactation rooms and manager/supervisor responsibilities to determine if an employee has a lactation space nearby. Resources for managers and supervisors regarding lactation/maternity leave can be found at this site. Room users should have a contingency plan in place for non-business hours and/or circumstances beyond University control that restrict access to sites. Managers and supervisors can reach out to the LSP ( or to discuss setting up a temporary space for their employees if a designated lactation room is not easily accessible.  Only registered participants have room numbers and access codes to the rooms for health, safety, and legal reasons.  


Maternity Benefits

UC Davis Resources

UC Davis Health, Sacramento Resources

How To Get a Breast Pump:

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers must provide lactation support and supplies. At UC Davis, we have three different Healthcare Providers, so we recommend you check with them to see how they handle the process. You should speak to them during your pregnancy. Please see the list below for information about your specific provider. 

  • Anthem Blue Cross  

    Contact: 844-437-0486 

    • Core Medical
    • UC Care
    • UC Health Savings Plan
    • SHIP (students)