SSO Fiscal Deadlines

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Important Dates & Deadlines

For questions, please contact the SSO Service Desk at 754-4SSC (4772) or for assistance.


2018-19 Fiscal Payroll Deadlines:

* These dates are subject to change based on the UCPath Go-Live date
Due Date Action
17 Staff Salary Actions, e.g., stipends, equites, reclasses, etc.
28 Payroll Work Study Adjustments for FY 18-19 (Requires Financial Aid Approval)
28 Student Longevity Increases effective 6/2 & 6/16
28 Student appointment extensions with June effective dates
3 BW Funding Changes effective 6/16/19
3 Monthly Funding Changes effective 7/1/19
7 BW Funding Changes effective 7/1
10 Submission of June Retirement Cases (MO & BW)
12 Paper timesheets for MO PPE 6/30/18
12 One Time Payments for BW PPE 6/15 & MO PPE 6/30/19 (Pay dates 6/28/19 and 6/29/19)
24 New Work Study FY 19-20

2018-19 Fiscal Finance Deadlines:

Due Date Action

Requisition (REQS) and Purchase Agreement (PA) that will need to route through Supply Chain Management for approvals/placement to Vendors not found in Kuali Financial System.


Requisition (REQS) and Purchase Agreement (PA) that will need to route through Supply Chain Management for approvals/placement. “However, if an agreement/order requires the other party’s signature, please submit sooner as additional processing time will be required.”


Any Automatic Purchase Orders (APO) and Disbursement Vouchers (DV) the need to be processed, received, and paid before the end of FY 18-19.

If you have a request that comes up after an associated deadline, please send an e-mail to both Mark Gibson ( and the SSO Service Desk ( We will do what we can to help get it processed.

Please note every department has their own process in place for handling Fiscal Close and you should follow those procedures:

Steps to Prepare for Fiscal Close

  • As you start creating your request(s) remember to tag your documents with the appropriate Fiscal Year tags in the OPP tag field (FY1819) to allow the SSO Finance Team to ensure we meet all our needs.
  • Documents that indicate they’re for 2019-2020 Fiscal Year (tagged with FY1920) will be prepared after the new Fiscal Year opens. If you would rather have the document created sooner please request it on the ticket. The SSO Staff will create this when they have time as they are focusing on the closing Fiscal Year orders first.
  • As always, the earlier you enter a request, the sooner it gets in the queue.
    • If you are not completely sure of funding, you could always enter the request in OPP allowing the SSO to gather all the information and create the requisition. Then the Fiscal Office can hold the KFS Requisition in their inbox until it is ready. Doing this means that the document is ready to go once you settle any funding issues.

Note about Deadlines

Remember, most deadlines that we will have are based on the receipt of a “complete request.” If the SSO is missing any requirements for placing an order, it will delay the request until the requirements are gathered. Be aware of this especially if your orders meet any of the criteria listed below:

We understand that providing a “Complete Request” is a difficult task as you may rely on the SSO to help navigate this process. This is why we strongly encourage getting things well before deadlines so that we can guide you or gather what we can ourselves.
As always if you have questions about the process feel free to reach out to Mark Gibson (