Learning and Development Staff Experience Surveys Results and Actions

We’ve heard you, and we’re taking action!

Responses on both the Staff Experience Survey (Campus) and the CommUNITY Feedback Survey (Health) named the importance of career growth and professional development.

Learning and Development is privileged to support your growth and development, and we take your feedback very seriously. We’ve reviewed both quantitative and qualitative survey results and uncovered the following needs:

  • More career planning resources and programming

  • Better support to connect professional development to career advancement

  • More access to professional development opportunities, and expanded offerings

Ways we’ve taken action:

Resources for Supervisors and Managers

UC Davis provides resources to Campus and Health people leaders to take action on their survey results to optimize staff experience.

A circle made of blue dots surround the words "UC Davis staff experience, improving our workplace"


The left side of the image reads "UC Davis Health" in gold and blue. The right side features three human figures and "CommUNITY Feedback Surveys" written underneath, also in gold and blue.