Megan Macklin on working from home after child birth

Megan Macklin

UC Davis' Associate Director of Campus Climate and Inclusion Initiatives

Megan Macklin, UC Davis' Associate Director of Campus Climate and Inclusion Initiatives, lives close enough to campus to ride her bike to work, but nonetheless appreciates having the option to work from home. 

Macklin hasn't "really worked in an office" for about five years, since the birth of her first child. Her initial plan had been to send her daughter to childcare once she returned to the office following maternity leave, but she eventually reconsidered and decided to take advantage of the option to work from home. Now, Megan only travels to campus for specific tasks and meetings that require her to be physically present, which occur irregularly, usually about once a week. Because of her home's proximity to the campus, her occasional in-person appearances, and the fact that most of her colleagues also work from home nowadays, she still feels "just as connected" to her office remotely as she did in person. 

Among the things that Megan appreciates about UC Davis’ flexible work arrangements, especially over the last two years, is how they’re "formalized... as opposed to relying on an agreement that's just built off of a relationship.”

I've heard from colleagues who are in similar situations that having that clear documentation really means a lot. I think that that in and of itself is a big signal from the university that they’re committed to flexible work arrangements. -- Megan Macklin