New Training Series in Spring 2024

Learning and Development and Human Resources has recently initiated a project to overhaul the current Developing as a Supervisor series, a required training series for all new supervisors and managers. We look forward to bringing you a newly designed series in Spring 2024.

Why is the Developing as a Supervisor series changing?

  • We are acting on feedback from course evaluations, customer satisfaction surveys, and the Staff Experience Survey (Campus) and CommUNITY Feedback Survey (Health) to design and deliver relevant and effective trainings for supervising and managing at UC Davis, Campus and Health.

What new supervisors and managers will receive:

  • Courses designed, developed, and facilitated by UC Davis trainers.

  • Tangible, day-to-day topics to help you navigate HR people, processes and systems at Campus and Health that complement evidence-based people management concepts and practices.

But what if I’ve already completed the Developing as a Supervisor Series?

  • How the new series, or portions of the new series, might be assigned to current supervisors and managers is still being decided. This includes those who have completed the current series, and those in progress. We recognize your time is limited and valuable. We also see the opportunity to deliver on the call for improved, local trainings to best equip our people managers for success.

We will continue to share information as the new training series takes shape later this year and into 2024.

A circle made of blue dots surround the words "UC Davis staff experience, improving our workplace"
The left side of the image reads "UC Davis Health" in gold and blue. The right side features three human figures and "CommUNITY Feedback Surveys" written underneath, also in gold and blue.