Shantille Connolly on finding balance between kids and work

Shantille Connolly



I learned about the Employee Reduction in Time (ERIT) during my first pregnancy. I was grappling with continuing in a career that I absolutely loved and staying home to spend more time with my baby. Two years and two kids later, I can wholeheartedly say that the ERIT program (along with an incredibly supportive team and supervisor) is the main reason that I’m still working at UC Davis. I get an immense amount of joy from my work at Health Education and Promotion and am so grateful that I don’t feel like I’m choosing between my job or my kids, because the ERIT program allowed me to reduce my hours. I get excited about the days I get to go into the office to see my coworkers and the days I get to stay home with my kids - it’s a win win!


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