UC Davis Supervisors: HR, RX, TX Call for Performance Appraisals

This is the official call for performance appraisals for the Healthcare Professionals (HX), Research Professionals (RX) and Technical (TX) bargaining units for the review period beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018.

Employee Performance Appraisal Reports (EPAR) for HX, RX and TX bargaining unit staff are to be completed and approved in the EPAR system no later than Friday, August 31, 2018. All supervisors are expected to complete evaluations for their HX, RX and TX staff. 

Access EPAR at epar.ucdavis.edu


  • Employees: Prepare and submit their Summary of Accomplishments (SOA) to supervisor by the department’s established due date.
  • Supervisors: Performance management is a year-long responsibility and supervisors are encouraged to meet quarterly with employees to review goals and progress. Specific to this EPAR cycle, supervisors:
  1. Ensure the employee’s position description is current and accurate as it is the basis by which performance should be evaluated.
  2. Set Up the employee and approver structure within EPAR and notify employee they may begin their SOA.
  3. Write a draft evaluation to discuss with employee.
  4. Meet individually, in person with the employee to review their performance, future goals, professional development goals, and diversity and inclusion goals.
  5. Finalize performance appraisal.


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