A service can be defined as a supplier or independent contractor providing an intangible good. 

  • Service Orders
  • Typically a service request from an outside supplier must go through Procurement and Contracting Services to create a Purchase Order or Agreement.  Exceptions to this policy are Automatic Repair Orders or Automatic Purchase Orders (APOs) that cite an existing agreement. 

    For campus building repairs please contact Facilities at 530-752-1655. Repairs to buildings or equipment attached to buildings (e.g. air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, etc.) are also considered a service and must go through Procurement and Contracting Services because a California Contractor’s License is required. Additionally, anything falling within the Licensing Classifications set forth by the State of California would be a service and go through Procurement and Contracting Services.

    Examples of services include: consultations, installation of window coverings, legal services, temporary staffing (not UC Davis Temporary Employment Services ), graphic design (not Repro Graphics), fixing a fence, a broken pipe, installation of equipment, and other items that would typically require prevailing wages like air conditioners, pumps, elevators, etc., or if the supplier is requiring a signature to agree to their terms and conditions.

  • Scope of Work (SOW)
  • A Scope of Work clearly defines performance or project goals and aids SSO Purchasing and UC Davis Procurement and Contracting Services in completing service orders and agreements. The guidelines provided by Procurement and Contracting Services can be used by the department to develop supporting documentation if the supplier has not provided an SOW.

  • Repair Orders
  • Repair Orders, apply to freestanding equipment, i.e. copiers, fax machines (when there is no preventive maintenance service agreement in place). Policy allows repairs to be processed for equipment repair that will be less than $4,999. The intent is for minor repairs of machines/equipment/supplies.

  • To Submit a Request for a Service or Repair with the Shared Services Organization
  • Please be sure to include the following:
    • Description of the service.
    • Scope of Work
    • Quotes or Price Schedules:  please have products and services broken out separately and include any quotes obtained from different suppliers if available.
    • Period of work date range
    • Supplier Contact information: please provide the name, email address, phone and fax number.
    • A not-to-exceed dollar amount – it is advisable to provide a not-to-exceed amount if costs will not be finalized until services are completed.
    • For Repairs:   • For Service Repair Orders - written supplier quote showing labor and material costs as separate items.
      • For Automatic Repair Orders – written estimated charges are acceptable.
      • Manufacturer/Make, Serial, and Model number
      • Building and Room Number
      • Problem Description
      • UC Davis Point of Contact
      • Additional Required Forms if Applicable:     • Independent Pre-Hire Worksheet – used for an individual or sole proprietor using their SSN.
        • Source Justification & Price Reasonableness Justification and Individual Disclosure Statement - For Sole Source Transaction Totals At Or Above $50K (and At or Above $10K for Federally-Funded Purchase) and all Transactions over $100K

 For further information and forms, please visit Procurement and Contracting Services.

For Order Requests entered in the Online Pre Purchasing System, please see the OPP Checklist for guidance.

Online PrePurchasing System (OPP): Create an OPP request, complete all the required fields, and please attach all required back up documentation.  Please note any additional information within the notes section field if not clearly stated on attachments.