Christa Clark on time and work efficient environment

Christa Clark,

M.Ed., Senior Associate Director-Articulation & ASSIST


“Working remotely has had a tremendous positive impact on the articulation unit in Undergraduate Admissions!  Being a data driven team with detail oriented work, our performance is enhanced and improved by our ability to maintain focus and give our full attention to our tasks/projects and this then also results in lower error rates in our production and improved customer service. Time efficiency is improved thanks to a reduction in travel time to/from in-person meetings -- and engagement is enhanced via both asynchronous and synchronous digital communications, collaborating virtually and effectively with both campus and statewide stakeholders. Regardless of construction, wildfire smoke, power outages or any other campus activity that might prohibit access to physical office spaces, the team is able to continue working without interruption. Remote work also allows us to tailor and control our individual working environments -- including lighting, noise, scents/odors and temperature – which maximizes both mental and physical energy. Other benefits include costs related to transportation fees -- in addition to a reduced impact on the environment.  For us, remote work is definitely a success story! We appreciate the opportunity and flexibility to continue remote work!”


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